The team

Each member of our team represents what a high-level service means to us. We have years of experience in high-level services in France, Switzerland, and Spain.

At Bersion, each member of our team is individually selected to provide a service that meets your expectations.

Carlos Chuliá

He completed his gastronomy studies in 2016 at the Basque Culinary Centre, where he gained a global perspective on gastronomy. Specializing in avant-garde cuisine, he continued working in London and shortly after began his journey in the private sector. He has now been working for 5 years between the Alps and Ibiza, gradually gaining a better understanding of the keys to excellent private service.


Fity completed his culinary studies at the age of 18 in Valencia. After learning to cook with some of the best chefs in Spain at restaurants such as Disfrutar, Via Veneto, or Quique Dacosta, he went on to lead renowned restaurants such as l’Eggs (Paco Perez) or MercatBar (Quique Dacosta), where he developed strong leadership and team management skills. He also traveled to France, where he worked with recognized Michelin-starred chefs such as Alexandre Ouaratta and Mathieu Viannay, before starting his private service career 4 years ago.

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